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Presented is a Concept Animation for the VR project Cuddle Kobold! (working title), currently in early development. This does not represent in-game assets or mechanics, and all contents are subject to change.

Cuddle Kobold! is a Virtual Reality game intended for PC VR and Meta Quest. You host an Exchange Monster visiting your world! Together you and the Kobold will learn about each other, play mini-games, and yes, cuddle. This game is restricted to adult audiences only, although it is planned to offer options to adjust the levels of mature content to your liking. If you just want to hang out and play cards with a Kobold friend, I'm not here to stop you!

Work on the full game is currently in early stages. However, Cuddle Kobold: Just a Bite is now available to play as a concept "taste" of a mini-game activity, as well as free-roaming around the apartment. Supporters of my Patreon get sneak peeks and influence the development. I'll also be updating this page from time-to-time with Progress Round-ups, so Follow me using the badge in the top corner for free updates! See you soon!

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