Note: This game is actively in development and features unfinished graphics, music, and other elements. There's definitely some "programmer art" in here, so please don't judge too harshly!


Arrow Keys: Move
Z: Cancel
X: Interact
Shift: Map
Enter: Pause Menu

D-Pad: Move
B: Interact
A: Cancel
Back: Map
Start: Pause Menu

Welcome to your new apartment at Rulent Tower! You and a host of familiar-if-you-squint names have taken up residence. It's got all the feeling of late-night cable smut in Game Boy form!

This is a short-form tongue-in-cheek parody furry adventure game, using the very friendly GB Studio. This is software that lets you create real, working Game Boy games. Seriously, you can just open the included ROM in any emulator and it works, or use the one already provided.

This game is still in development. Follow along to see it grow! You can also support me on Patreon to catch some extra preview content!

Font Pixel Narrative by Gabriel C. C.


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When Is There Gonna Be Another Episode Next?!

I got roadblocked due to a move and a major issue with GB Studio, but hopefully soon!


Nice, Thanks!


Here’s Rulent Tower running on my calculator!

That's awesome!


That display looks good it looks like your playing the game on a Game Boy that's pretty cool

(double thumbs up)


Yo! How Did You Do That?! Can You Show Me How?!


The instructions are different depending on what model of calculator it's being run on, but most (not all) Texas Instruments graphing calculators from the past 16-ish years can run GameBoy games.

For the Ti-nSpire/CAS/CX, it requires two things. NDless, the jailbreak application, and GBC4nSpire, the GameBoy emulator. Just get the correct version of NDless for your calculator by following this guide: (Select your calculator's operating system version)

Note: OS version 3.9 requires plugging the calculator into a computer every time you restart it, so I wouldn't recommend upgrading to 3.9 if you can help it.

Once that's done, you can put third-party apps on your calculator. In this case, we'll want GBC4nSpire. Using the nSpire Computer Link app that the previous step had you use, drag the "GBC4nSpire.tns" file from inside the "" folder onto the calculator.

The final step is to put the GameBoy ROM on the calculator, but one thing needs to be changed beforehand. Add ".tns" to the end of the file. In the case of Rulent Tower, it will read "" when it's ready. Now, it can be put on the calculator with the nSpire Computer Link app.

Once everything is ready and NDless is running, open GBC4nSpire and select Rulent Tower.

For other calculators, such as the Ti-84+ Silver Edition, just Google "how to play GameBoy games on (calculator name)."

Cool, Thanks


Oh hell yeah this game is excellent, gave me a few good laughs, this one is right up my alley. Thanks for finding a place for some of the GB Studio Community Asset songs too! (including some of my embarrassing first-ever tracks ^  ^; these were the rooftop theme and the grimy bachelor's room)

Hey, I incredibly appreciate those songs, the game would be silent without them! And check out the next version when it goes public, it's gone through some big changes! But thank you so much for the kind words!

love it so far, and love the atmosphere! wish there was more to do.. keep up the good work

I'm glad you enjoyed it!



Really good just wish there was more