As of writing this, GB Studio has a method to read inputs from variables and output the the matching text, but no software keyboard. This is an example template for a way to implement one! I tried to keep the coding simple in this one to help with understandability, so there are ways things can be made more efficient (such as using Flags for True/False instead of a dedicated Variable for each one). You'll also find Comments (the green text blocks) sprinkled throughout the code. There are many ways to improve and style this to make it your own, including expanding it to 8 character entry (or more with some clever coding!), changing the character set to add new symbols or even different languages, and so on! This is only a launching-off point.

Further details are in the enclosed Readme. Feel free to make any changes to fit your needs, and use this in whatever game or project you're making! Crediting me ( Setsune Wave, ) is very appreciated but not required.


Arrow Keys: Move
Z: Interact / Select
X: Cancel / Erase
Shift: Preview Input
Enter: Accept Input
Shift + Enter (Hold): Clear All

D-Pad: Move
B: Interact / Select
A: Cancel / Erase
Back: Preview Input
Start: Accept Input
Back + Start: Clear All

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How do I copy this onto my gbs project?

What version of GB Studio are you using?




This is a really good work into GB Studio!


Thank you very much!


I have reviewed the project, and it is highly complex. I can imagine the time you have spent making the asset. I will probably use it in future projects.


Looking forward to it, then!


You amazing genius!


That's really too kind, but thank you.


well it’s very impressive 


Noooooice, great stuff.


Really cool system, feels great to use. I can even put in my name in full :p

(1 edit) (+3)

Nice! I might borrow this for the Pokemon demake so players can finally have a name.